The Hyundai Accent Service Repair

The Hyundai Accent Service Repair

The new, totally re-designed 3-door Hyundai Accent hatchback is a welcome addition to the 4-door sedan presented in 2006. Compared with the sedan, the Accent is a sportier ride in regards to both appearance and performance. It also takes pride in side-curtain airbags, which are an uncommon feature in vehicles of this size and rate variety.


The 2007 Accent has outstanding handling, an attractive Euro design hatch and a strong security set. Sold in GE and SE trims, the Accent looks small on the externally but is surprisingly roomy inside, both front and rear. Its exceptional fuel economy makes it an ideal choice for urban chauffeurs, especially in locations where gas costs as much as $6/gallon.

The Hyundai Accent Service Repair

Lots of have actually commented that the Accent 3-door 2007 model is even more attractive than the 4-door 2006 Accent sedan revealed last year. The 2007 design revives memories of the 3-door Honda Civic CX hatch from the mid-nineties or the Opel Corsa from General Motors which is so popular nowadays in Europe.